Schaffer MMA

Schaffer MMA provides a variety of services from Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai classes to personal training.

The Schaffer family has a long history of martial arts and wrestling. Joseph Jr., Jake and John all participated in their school district and wrestling clubs in Hamburg, New York. They all studied martial arts since the young age of 3-4 years old.

After watching the boys for several years in martial arts and wrestling, Joe Sr. decided to try it out for himself.  Joe Sr., Joe Jr., Jake and John all moved up the ranks in Kung Fu and wrestling, holding several different belts and awards.

Joe Jr. participated in many Muay Thai and Kickboxing competitions and one MMA Cage Fight.  

Schaffer MMA is proud to train with you and their teammates, Ernest Johnson (EJ) and Andrew Lammerhirt.

All ages and experience is welcome. Schaffer MMA is ready to train with you!